Introduction to Lenten Devotional

If you’ve never read and worked through a church’s personal devotional, you’re in for a treat. That’s not meant to sound shallow, but finding a meaningful Lenten devotional is no easy task. For years, we have struggled to find a devotional “off the shelf” that was easy to read/use, in line with our theology, and that was also neither too shallow nor dull and dry. We were unsuccessful, so this year we created our own!

These pages are filled with deep, thoughtful and rich devotionals written by members and staff of our church. I think it’s a wonderful daily tool for our Lenten journey as well as a testament to the deep talent within our church. The contributors run the gamut from teens to those “of a certain age” and come from new members, non-members and life-long members!

You’ll notice that there are no devotions for Sundays which is how Lent ends up being 40 days out of 6 weeks. Additionally, Presbyterians believe that each Sunday is considered a “little Easter” which is a day to again celebrate the resurrection.

Historically Lent is a time to assess and decide what to let go of in favor of God or perhaps a time to renew our commitment to God. Perhaps though, this devotional can be a talisman for you to discover or rediscover what’s been missing or lost in your own soul and your relationship with God. Perhaps you’ll be willing to seek what is lost or even covered over by busyness, life’s difficulties, loss and even unspoken anxieties.

I encourage you to both commit to reading these devotions every day, as well as truly sit with and ponder what you’ve read. I also encourage you to seek out someone else who you think might truly benefit from the wonderful, creative and rich devotionals provided each day. It might even be someone in your own household, or someone in your neighborhood, at work, the gym or even church!  Lastly, I encourage you to share your experiences with the daily writers who worked ardently and early(!) to ensure you had this wonderful gift!

Please join me in thanking Sandy DiCarlo and editor Kathy Pizar who worked feverishly to make this readable and user-friendly; Arlene Langdon for the wonderful artwork on the cover and the Evangelism, Worship and Christian Ed committees for supporting this idea and making sure it came to fruition!

I pray that your Lenten journey bears much fruit.

Walking in the wilderness with you,

Rev. Jen Van Zandt

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