Lenten Devotionals

This year FPC Boonton is creating a Lenten devotional (available in print and on-line) to help aid our members and friends through their Lenten journey.

We’re hoping that many of you reading this blog will be willing to write a daily devotional.  It can be a reflection on the scripture, a story, an experience you’ve had on your faith journey or even a poem or reflection written by someone else. (Please give proper credit if you do.)

It does not need to be long, academic or theological!!! The more personal it is, the better!

The devotional has three parts. The scripture, your reflection/story, poem etc., and a prayer. Word count can be small but not to exceed 275 words.  The deadline for submission is February 14.

We have already organized the scriptures and themes for each day. All you have to do is pick a day/theme and text from the list and write something. If you want a particular scripture that you’d like to write about, please let us know. You can email the office at office@fpcboonton.org.

If you’d like to see a sample devotional, please let Rev. Jen know.
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