Rev Jen Celebrates 10 Years as Pastor

Our congregation, celebrates Reverend Jen Van Zandt on the 10th anniversary of her pastorate. Reverend Sherm Skinner gave the following blessing to mark the occasion.

We give You thanks, gracious God, that You have blessed this congregation, with the ministry and friendship of Re. Jen over these last 10 years. She has lived out, in our midst, in Word and deep, the Good News of your Son, Jesus Christ. Grant that we, with her, may continue to server you in the church, and in this community, where you have called us to serve.

Now, as we gather here, we thank You for the joy and nourishment of food, for time to come into presence with one another, to sense the subtle lives behind our faces, the different colors of our voices, and the circle of love that unities us. Be present with us, Loving God, as we break bread together, and rejoice and celebrate Jen’s 10 years of creative, life-giving ministry among us. We pray in the name of the Lord and Savior Jen has believed in and served over the years, Jesus Christ.


Feel free to leave a comment or remembrance of Rev. Jen over these years.

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