April 15: Burial of Jesus

Matthew 27:57-61

Holy Saturday

Scripture from The Message

57-61Late in the afternoon, a wealthy man from Arimathea, a disciple of Jesus arrived. His name was Joseph. He went to Pilate and asked for Jesus’ body. Pilate granted his request. Joseph took the body and wrapped it in clean linens, put it in his own tomb, a new tomb only recently cut into the rock and rolled a large stone across the entrance. Then he went off. But Mary Magdalene and the other Mary stayed, sitting in plain view of the tomb.

Daily Reflection

From the crowd-induced euphoria of Palm Sunday,
Through the poignancy of the Last Supper,
Into the gathering shadows, the betrayals and the growing fear of Gethsemane,

And then, our entry into the environs of a day called GOOD,
The trial and death sentence demanded by a fickle crowd with echoes of Hosanna still clinging to it,
The brutal beating, scourging and crowning with thorns,
And, after interminable hours of torture, the horror of crucifixion,
Through it all, the steadfast eyes of a mother never leave her son,
At last, the day called GOOD ended, as his followers knew all death does, with a burial.

The silence of Holy Saturday settles on one and all and only our thoughts remain to keep us company. 

Daily Prayer

Sustainer God, we pray for you to walk with us and help us see grace and hope in those times of our lives that are filled with fear, pain and loss. Amen

~Marilyn Ward

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