April 8: Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

Mark 11:1-10

Read Scripture passage above.

Daily Reflection

Here we are, on what is called Palm Sunday, celebrating the King of Israel, the King of the Jews, riding into Jerusalem. The crowd ran out to meet him, throwing anything they could get their hands on—coats, palm branches, whatever—in his path, creating a kind if poor person’s “royal road,” shouting the greeting used at all religious celebrations, “Hosanna!” which literally means “Save now! Act now!”

But it soon became apparent that he was in danger, offering himself to the world in a way only God could. On Palm Sunday, God confronts us and our easy affirmations: “You say this is what you want, the king of prophecy? Well, here he is, daring to challenge the strength and power of the world with his own kind of strength and power. How does it look to you now? Can you follow this kind of king?”

“There’s another sort of king—this Jesus,” someone has written. “A grim sort of failure he was on the cross; but from that day to this, it has been better to fail with him than to succeed with the people whose business it is in every generation to nail him there.”

Daily Prayer

We hardly know what to do, Lord—whether to join the crowd and shout “Hosanna! Act now! Save now!”, or to slip away into some dark corner somewhere, wondering, wondering even now, why he has to die—again! Or does he?  Maybe that’s up to us, Lord—to me. Help me to say “Yes” to this different kind of king. Amen

~Sherm Skinner

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