The Deacons would especially like to mention . . .

Terry & Lloyd Charlton!

Many of you may not realize, but every month for the past four years Terry and Lloyd have organized the Deacons and others within our church family to provide a communion service at the NJ Firemen’s Home in Boonton. It is the only licensed health care facility in the State of NJ dedicated exclusively to all firefighters of the NJ Fire Service.

Terry and Lloyd have lined people up each month to give a sermon, be a worship leader, and to serve of the Holy Sacraments. Many times, with the exception of serving the sacraments, they’ve stepped into these other roles!

It’s amazing how they’ve made this so easy for others to participate, by preparing folders for presenters, as well as for those attending the service. The hymns were changed and customized each month; music was recorded and played, sometimes with guest piano
players/singers from our church.

Terry and Lloyd have been instrumental in keeping this fabulous mission alive, one that is obviously near and dear to their hearts. They
have quietly been living out God’s word.

It is very heartwarming to see the peace and love they have brought to so many.

As they retire from this particular mission, we thank you very much for your many years of service.

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