Mission says (many Thanks)

The Mission Co-Op had pledged a matching gift for funds raised at VBS for Living Waters for the World. Not only did nine kids learn that there are places in the world that do not have clean water and how lucky we are that we do, they also contributed $132 in pennies,
nickels, dimes and quarters to help those who don’t! The congregation contributed a total of $731.25 during the month of June during and after a service devoted to the VBS focus on clean water.

The total of $995.25 was sent to the PCUSA Synod of Living Waters in Tennessee. The funds will be used to create water filtration systems in areas of the world to provide clean water where children are sick and dying just from drinking the water! These areas include Appalachia, right here in the USA, as well as Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Laos, Cuba, Peru, Nicaragua, and Thailand. ♥

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