Water All Around the World UPDATE!!

A small but energetic, group of children participated in our Vacation Bible School June 26-30. Our theme, Water All Around the World, was well received by parents, children, adult and teen volunteers as well as by all of you in the congregation. Children “traveled” to a different country each day to discover how many children suffer from disease because of lack of access to clean, drinkable water, something we take for granted each time we turn on the faucet. And they discovered that Living Waters of the World is providing simple, sustainable and affordable water filtration systems.

We tried a different format this year in order to complement the other churches who also offer VBS. We made a shift from morning to afternoon making it possible for most children to eat lunch and play together before the program started. Each day a different Bible story enhanced our theme which was then enriched through recreation, crafts, science projects and snacks, all made possible by an imaginative, enthusiastic group of volunteers.

One could sense God’s spirit at work throughout the week and we are indeed grateful to all who made it possible. ♥

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