God’s Love and God’s Forgiveness

Dear Saints,

There’s a place not too far from my house where I go to watch the sunset from time to time. This time of year there few to no other cars that join me to watch the colors come up after the sun sets over the still waters and a large mountain range.

I had had a particularly stressful day recently and I was desperately seeking calm and peace. As I pulled up to the place that faces the view, I breathed a sigh of relief that indeed, I would be alone in the quiet and the solitude. Naturally, that lasted for all of about 7 minutes.  A car, with high beams, and booming music,  parked one space away.  I glanced over, and rolled my eyes (on the inside), and then stared straight ahead praying he wouldn’t stay long.  ”Please God, Please God, Please God…”

But then…he turned off his music…turned off his lights…and turned off his car. “Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God…” He then got out of his car, walked to the water’s edge and just stood.


He was still in sight but… but not blocking my view. Huh. In fact…he was actually sharing it.

He’d come to the same place, to watch the same sunset and presumably seek some of the same quiet, beauty and peace that I was. In this 5-minute span, he had shifted in my mind from “Disturber of the peace” to “Sharer/Keeper of the peace”.

Then the still, small voice inside me said: “Maybe he’s had a much worse day than you. Maybe he’s unemployed. Maybe he’s just broken off a relationship. Maybe he’s just quit smoking. Maybe he’s taking care of a sick parent or a sick child. Maybe he’s even seeking God”.

At that point, I almost wanted to get out of the car and ask his forgiveness for my shrewdness. I didn’t, but I did ask God to once again, to forgive me for my smallness. God’s Love AND God’s forgiveness are endless, but we have to be present in order to seek it.

Seeking those gifts with you,