Dear My Beloved Saints,


You are so LOVING


You are so KIND

You are so GENEROUS

You are so FORGIVING

YOU were with me when I called you, by name, to an unknown future.

YOU were with me when I taught in the temple and invited the unknown and the unnamed, to be met.

YOU were with me when I wanted the children to be at the center of my love and teachings.

YOU were there with me when I defied the status quo and fought for Love’s gospel.

YOU were there with me to share my Father’s message, the only message that mattered, to be sung and heard.

YOU were there to hear the message of Love and Forgiveness written, prayed and shared.

YOU were there with me in my darkest hours.

YOU were there when I breathed my last and died.

YOU were there when I was Resurrected.

Now…I am there for YOU…

So you can do the same, in my name, for the rest of your lives.

  • Jesus, the Risen One


Saints, I cannot thank you for all that you did to make this season the richest, deepest and most meaningful Lent/Easter journey (so far!).

May we continue the sharing and deepening of our faith together as we seek to explore and discern what God has next for us on this Jesus-Journey!

Journeying with you,

Rev. Jen