Spring Cleaning

Dear Saints,

Spring is squarely upon us and I’m sure we’re all breathing a sigh of relief that we are done with threats of snow piling up, day after day. But along with Spring comes the cultural reminder it’s time for spring cleaning!

Some of you may already be in an annual rhythm of swapping out your closets and weeding out your wardrobe each season for outdated fashion or clothes that just don’t fit like they used to.  Still, we like to hold onto our favorites, even of the sleeves are tattered, or the knees have a few holes because, somehow they make us feel more grounded (or perhaps like we’re not aging).

Yet, when we get a few new things to round out our fashion that’s fun too; newness awakens us like the sweet spring air.

This month we will add some newness to two of our favorite services of the year including adding some eye-popping, jaw-dropping and even mouth- watering additions!  The first will be or our annual and beloved Music Sunday, May 5th. This has been a treasured event each year but this year there will be some new and truly amazing additions. I can’t tell you what they are. You’ll just have to come see and hear it for yourself!

Then! We celebrate Pentecost May 20th! As usual we’ll wear red and other colors of fire but this year we’re adding Holy Hot Salsa! Competition in honor of the Holy Spirit’s arrival to form the early church. I’m sure the early church had something like pita chips and harissa, so please make or bring your favorite salsa to coffee hour. Prizes will be awarded!

I encourage you to plan to attend these special services around your spring cleaning, lawn-care and sunny outings. I guarantee you will be enlivened to do your weeding and closet sapping with joy and maybe even a little ‘Salsa’ in your step.

Enjoying the newness of the Spirit with you,