Watching for Rainbows

Dear Saints,

In the wake of this week’s media outbreaks of racial and personal attacks I am feeling just plain disgusted. I hope I am not alone. While I believe everyone has a right to their opinion, we seem to have lost not only a sense of human decency, we have also clearly lost our way. Sadly, this is not the only week I am deeply disheartened by the barbs, mudslinging and despicable behavior this week felt like a tipping point.

Words are no longer a vehicle to communicate and build up community but a way to wield power over others that I’m sure breaks God’s heart. If it weren’t for the rainbow covenant established by God after the flood, that wiped all but one family, I fear we’d be done for, again. BUT, since God set up the rainbow as God’s reminder to protect us and continue to be our God, then we have a responsibility not to add to the misery, strife, complaining, or giving any of it, anymore ‘airtime’ than is already present.

Winston Churchill said “when you’re going through hell, keep going”. Famous theologian Karl Barth said, “The only way out, is through”. God is not only waiting on the other side of eternity, God is also with us in this world and the mess we’re in. So…what’s our invitation? being part of the misery or sharing the hope in God’s rainbow that the world so desperately needs?

Watching for rainbows with you,

Rev Jen