Don’t Forget to Listen

Dear Saints,

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy on all sorts of fun things (and even some home projects) including movies and tv series. One of my favorite shows is Endeavor. It’s a wonderful British murder-mystery (much more mystery than murder). Endeavor is the prequel to the famous older PBS Masterpiece shows: “Inspector Morse” and “Inspector Lewis”. Endeavor is set in the 1960’s but the dialogue is snappier than ‘Morse’ and ‘Lewis’ and because the show is based in the Britain, characters also have a wide swath of accents from around the UK. One must pay attention with a keen ear to not miss any key bits.

Some of my friends have resorted to closed captioning, but I am determined to keep my brain and ears sharp by staying in the saddle without it. But…a week ago, I was home watching Endeavor and I kept having to turn up the sound. Not only was I missing the usual tete a-tetes I could barely hear even larger dialogues! Increasing the volume didn’t seem to help until I turned it up so loud, everyone in the condo complex could hear it!

I was in a double bind. I didn’t want to miss a word, nor use CC (no judgement here, just trying to keep sharp). Now I had my own mystery to solve. And unlike most other network TV, there are no commercials. No time to take a break and think, ponder, solve.

At the risk of losing some dialogue I made a snap judgement to turn the volume waaaaay down, to where it usually is. Could it be that there was so much noise within the condo complex and local air traffic that I was caught in a competition? Possible, but unlikely.

With the sound still very low, I listened intently…and then I heard it, or should I say them; loud and clear. My Summer evening companions: crickets, cicadas and other nighttime chirpers that arrive in late summer; the delicious background noise used in any good summer blockbuster…or murder mystery. As soon as my show was over I went outside, breathed in the beautiful air, watched the moon rise and took in every bit of the night noise. What beautiful music God makes!

Saints, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, don’t forget the most wonderful and perfect sounds made for us by the Creator. Don’t forget to LISTEN to God’s voice in the children AND the crickets, the concerts AND the cicadas, the family AND the frogs, the water AND the wisdom of the One who made all things and is the Lord of all things forever.

Listening with you for God’s voice,

Rev Jen