Mathematical Fraction

Dear Saints,

As I left church on last Sunday, freshly back from vacation, I had three immediate thoughts. “Great to be back”, “What a gift to have a Baptism today” and “Where did the summer go?”. The last thought/lament is likely being echoed among many parents, teachers, administrators, bus drivers and the like as we approach Labor Day and all of us who love summer. Sigh…

Author and entrepreneur, Ken Dychtwald explained the phenomena of “Where did the (fill in the blank here) go?” is in his book “Age Wave” (published 30 years ago). He claims that mathematically as we age, a span of time is shorter in comparison to our life span, so any event or span literally it feels shorter to us because it is a smaller fraction of our lifespan. That’s helpful and I think it’s also a reminder to “live life to its fullest” and …“stay in the moment”.

Now back to my first two thoughts.

The first: is “Being back”. This is a challenge for all of us as we shift from our summer with more relaxed rhythms to the fall drive which seemingly increases with speed: Increased traffic, increased schedules/demands for our time, and likely a decrease in relaxation, quality time spent with family and of course, a daily decrease in sunlight. Sigh

But the second though is what I want to land with: “What a gift to have a Baptism today”. We had a baptism On August 26th. The 2nd of two children. The baby was a prince. His older sister was so sweet and didn’t laugh at me when I spilled the entire pouring pitcher onto the chancel floor before it had even begun. Sigh

My point? Yes, we are starting another fall and with it another church program year. Now we have yet another child to make sure we love, educate and form in faith.

When his parents got back into their car after the service they didn’t say “thank God that’s over”, they said “We needed that”.

As we all shift back into the fall and manage the change in rhythm, may we also remember we’ve added another child to be responsible for. That’s a mathematical fraction we can all praise God about.

Serving with you in Christ,