Yes, We Are Blessed

Dear Saints,

To begin our November newsletter by saying , “It’s that time of year again”….or “it’s the ‘holiday’ season and time to give thanks” … is not only trite and hackneyed (my favorite SAT word) but can also produce anxiety and/or dread around both the holidays and stewardship.  It’s also like every other (boring) church appeal.

BUT, we are not like every other church. In fact, I believe we’re not like ANY other church. We’re atypical in almost every way. For starters, we have kids! And lots of them! We have not only a wide range of kids ranging from 12 months to 18 years old we have a wide range of opportunities for them from experiencing worship and communion but also super experiences in Sunday school, youth group and confirmation. Trust me, this is not only a huge blessing in the life of our church, but highly enviable in most every church our size as well as churches much larger.

We also have a truly awesome music program which is ever-changing, life-giving and relevant. We have a superb organ as well as other offered instruments and instrumentalists who add weekly to our worship. And our choir? The BOMB. Choir director/organist? Talented, creative, dedicated and always partnering with our worship committee and me and to bring fresh, new and meaningful ways to re-invent worship to add meaning and depth.

We also have a great church administrator who goes above and beyond; whether it’s being pastoral to a parishioner, patient with an elusive vendor, taking out the garbage or shifting support to the ever-changing needs of what’s urgent or important.

And…we are blessed to have two parish associates who have been teaching, preaching, caring and supporting with and for us, for almost 4 years.

Our space? Always in progress…we’ve received grants to renew our two most cherished stained-glass windows’ we’ve cared and upgraded our manse for our wonderful tenants and are in the process of making a transformational  changes to our (L2L) basement space to create a food bank where kids, youth and adults can connect and carry out our Mission statement: “Faith, Hope and Love in Action”.

We also enjoy fellowship together in all its forms from weekly coffee hours, a traditional Christmas dinner and many new and fin ways to connect like paint parties and create-your-own wreath!

I pray that as you remember all the blessings that come from this community of faith and pray about your part in the future, that you can HONOR your part in its past, CELEBRATE all you’ve done it its present and DEDICATE yourselves to participating it its bright, hopeful and generous future in every way you can.

Giving with you in Christ,