Ponder and seek peace

Dear Saints,

It’s that time again, when I pick out (and pick on) a Christmas-themed commercial that whips me up. This year, there are two, juxtaposed to make a point. The first of my picks is an ad for a cell phone company  where we see back-to-back home videos of individuals in utter delight (screaming, dancing, laughing and crying) as they open a gift of the new cell phone.

The second commercial however is not Christmas or holiday-themed at all. It’s the next in a series of commercials where’s there an exchange between a yoga/sage-like man who has appeared at someone’s home and is inviting them to try ginger ale. The drink offers a retreat from the chaos as well as an invitation to ‘drink in the peace’.

Hmmm delight… and peace… I’m sure that’s what we hope for each year as Christmas arrives, but I imagine that, as the scriptures tell us God hopes for us to experience a goodly amount of delight, peace, surprise and hope even before Jesus is born.

To that end, we have created our Advent and Christmas services to reflect a time to ponder, to seek peace and find hope and perhaps even time to be quenched from whatever you’re thirsting for. This is not only for adults but for youth  and children alike. The more we all focus on pondering what God is about to do and the peace that God desires for us, the more we can enjoy and truly celebrate the Advent season and feel the joy when the child is born.

It’s a simple idea, it’s hard to do. But I promise you, if you seek delight over disappointment, joy over judgmentalism and peace over perfectionism you will find and rediscover that Immanuel (God with us) is actually already with you.

If Mary and Joseph, who had no security and an uncertain future BEFORE the angels shared the news of Jesus coming and they chose to be faithful, trust God and let God reveal God hopes for the future, than maybe we can too.

Waiting and pondering about Jesus with you,