Abiding In God

Dear Saints,

In Just 6 days we’ll be kicking off our Lenten season with Ash Wednesday. Our Ash Wednesday service is like no other. It is communal (in that we impose ashes on one another), it is life giving (in that we have a wonderful, uplifting music), and it is meaningful in that we have created yet another activity having to do with our Lenten theme of “Abiding in God” and bearing fruit. If you HAVE been to our Ash service before, you know it is extremely well-attended.  Therefore, we’ve even done some rearranging so that the end of the service will be in small groups. Come try it – you’ll like it!

We’ve also created all new Lenten Wednesday events based on your feedback. This year we’ll begin with a Labyrinth, March 13th. The following Wednesday March 20th, “Planting Vines”; “Soul Yoga“ on March 27th; “Speed Devotions” (details to follow) on April 3rd; and finish with a Lenten Painting on Friday, April 12th. Except for the Painting event ($35 each), all events are free and will conclude with wonderful refreshments and fellowship.

And about our devotional:  If you are new to Lent and/or new to our community, we have crafted our own Lenten devotional. This book has 40 offerings written by people within our faith community. Each devotion also includes a scripture and a prayer. These devotions will also be posted daily on our website www.FPCBoonton.org and on our Facebook page so you can read them while commuting, waiting to pick up one of your kids, or maybe even at work when you need some encouragement! We are printing about 250 copies with the hope that we will all seek out others who might be hungering for something meaningful in their faith journey.

I pray that as the light continues to grow (starting March 10th!) and our days get longer we will find a little more time to spend with God and one another so we can bear more fruit for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Seeking to abide in God with you,