Seeking Deeper Roots

Dear Saints,

One of the blessings of having Lent/Easter so late in the calendar year is that it [more] naturally coincides with the rhythm and evidence of Spring. Since a ‘late’ Ash Wednesday and the ensuing time-change we have all been hearing more birds chirping in the morning, seeing courageous hyacinths and daffodils pushing through the cold, wet soil, forsythia bushes wearing green/yellow hues and red buds swelling on trees.

Yet, not all branches, trees and vines will produce newness of life this season; some will have to be pruned/cleansed and discarded so that new growth can take place.

This may feel like a time-worn metaphor if you’ve been in worship weekly, attended our Lenten Wednesday events and have followed our ‘devo’ daily. Regardless of whether you are able to ‘stay the course’ daily or you dip in and out, or you are still in need of Lenten inspiration, the Creator is still speaking.  

The beauty of witnessing new life springing up before our very eyes is that regardless of our lingering bad habits and attitudes and our resistance to let go of all that does not serve God, God is still actively inviting us to into a deeper Lenten and Easter experience.

That starts with a new set of ‘silent vignettes’ in Palm Sunday to set the tone for Holy week. Maundy Thursday has some new changes and improvements to both involve our confirmation class and deepen your experience. Good Friday remains deep and dramatic with a powerful retelling of the crucifixion and with trained dramatic readers and powerful music.  

I have heard it said that: “ a tree without roots is just a piece of wood”. Without these Lenten experiences your Easter experience may be pastel-filled but one dimensional. WITH these Holy week events your faith and hope deepens, because you are choosing to connect to the Vine; the  Source of all Creation, and to the One in whom …”we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

Seeking deeper roots in the Vine with you,