CELEBRATE all that God is doing here

Dear Saints,

I know this is such a busy time of year with Proms, college and high graduations, winding down the school year, planting our gardens and making summer plans. Our church life is equally as busy and exciting. Each Sunday in June has something special and meaningful to offer. Scout Sunday 2ndPentecost and Confirmation Sunday June 9th, Education Sunday June 16th, New Member’s Class June 23rd and at least half of the new members class (a total of 14!) will be meeting with Session on June 30th to be received into membership!

This is a testament to how God is blessing us and how we are responding to God’s numerous invitations to love and serve.

Last week I preached on grace. I shared one of my favorite quotes from theologian Karl Barth : “God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves”. This has numerous iterations; it means God gives us courage beyond our ability. God gives us hope beyond our own believing. God gives us peace beyond our own anxieties. God gives us community when we feel like we are alone. God gives us resources beyond our own efforts. There is far more to say about Grace than what any one sermon can cover but I encourage you to continue to Pause, in the spin of all that’s on your calendars, and all that you have planned and recognize that as hard as we work in our jobs, as loving as we are with our families and as faithful as we are in our faith community, what God is doing here, is PURE GRACE.

Come CELEBRATE all that God is doing here; in the lives of our children, our youth, our confirmands, our choirs, new members, our leaders, and our food pantry.

To quote another one of my favorite theologians (the band ZZ Top) “the future’s so bright (we’ll) have to wear shades.

Celebrating God’s Grace with you,