Apart From Me: John 15:5

I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing.

Daily Reflection

The text for me is saying that for my faith journey, I need to accept Jesus and his teachings to be able to grow and understand the Church and the scripture. If we do not accept Jesus into our lives, we will not accomplish anything, and we will not fully live our lives.  As a church, we need to be devoted to living with Jesus, living life his way, growing up the way he designed because he gives us anything we need. 

This verse is incredibly apparent in my life, especially during Confirmation Class.  For the first couple of weeks of class, we spent a lot of time dissecting John 15, to help us better understand it.  Coming into class, I was not far along in my faith journey, but the class and I really disassembled this piece, and I really began to understand what needed to happen, to set off my faith journey.

As we examine the parts of John 15 and truly understand the chapter, it is clear what needs to be done to help develop our faith journey.  For me, it meant spending time listening to the Lord’s word and actively looking for his work around me.  Once I did this, I could see that I could start accepting Jesus, which really helped to grow my faith, and it will continue to grow through Jesus and confirmation class.

Looking back a couple of years ago, I can now see a parallel between this verse and an anecdote from my life. I had received a sunflower at an environmental club assembly at school. For the first couple of weeks, my teacher was the one watering the sunflower and for all the other kids too. The thing was, mine wasn’t sprouting. Being a kid, I was pretty upset about this, but when I brought the sunflower home things changed. Instead of letting other people care for my sunflower, I was the one who cared and nurtured it, accepting my responsibility. This is like Jesus

caring for us and we have to accept Him to grow. If we don’t, then our sunflower can’t grow.

Daily Prayer:  Dear God, please help us stay devoted to accepting you and Jesus into our lives to help us and our Faith Journey grow.  Amen. ~Nate Keoppel