Stop And Take Notice

Dear Saints,

Recently we’ve had a few wonderful and unseasonably warm days for February or even March! It’s amazing how sunny skies and a break in cold temps can lift one’s spirits. Perhaps you also heard Cardinals changing their tune from the winter chirps as they seek food/water in deep winter to a joyful song when warm breezes begin to blow. It’s also fun to see how little warmth and sun it takes for the brown grass to start greening again.

Throughout the Millennia, Christian spiritual leaders have suggested that in times of spiritual drought one reliable way to connect with God is in paying attention to creation. Nature is filled with signs and metaphors of God’s activity, given to us by our Creator that can give us HOPE in the midst of the cold and dark days of winter even as we begin Lent. The only catch? You have to take the time to notice. 

In the midst of the same cold and dark days of the last two months, our leaders and staff have been working faithfully to create and prepare plans for a meaningful Lenten season. Like the subtle signs of creation during a preview of a few warm days, these Lenten offerings are also here waiting for you to TAKE NOTICE.

We have our daily Lenten devotional to help you on your journey, in print, and on our Webpage. We are offering Lenten Wednesdays which will not be an “old fashioned soup and bible study” but a modern gathering of conversation about HOPE in scripture and faith over soup/salad and breaking of bread (communion). The last of these will be April 1st which is a family night of make your own pizzas and a Lenten scavenger hunt. We have also created and updated special worship services throughout Lent to enhance your worship and Holy week experiences.

It is all waiting here for you. So stop and take notice of where God is inviting you to seek your future with HOPE.

Watching for signs of HOPE with you,

Rev Jen