“Weekly Words of Wisdom”

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Now that we have moved to a completely virtual community, it’s more important than ever to make every effort to shore one another up. This is our call as Christians, Americans, and citizens of a broken and hurting world. As I mentioned in my meditation on Sunday, the worship and evangelism committees continue to marvel at the providence of God’s inspiration when we chose this year’s Lenten theme in January: “A Future with Hope”.

Mustering hope on our own is often much harder than when we hear or see something that reminds of God’s very active presence in our lives and in the world. When I was checking headlines on Monday some small little headline and photo caught my eye on PATCH, a NJ local news site. The headline read, “Did you see Monday’s rainbow New Jersey?” The subtitle read: “A break in the bleakness punctuated the skyline Monday night.” By Russ Crespolini, Patch Staff. There was a picture of a rainbow against a house or barn, and truthfully the rainbow seemed…a little washed out. In and of itself, we could say, “missed it, too bad” and keep clicking for more interesting things. But what tickled me was the brief article Crespolini wrote. It began:

“Hope” was how the photographer described the rainbow that punctuated the skyline in various points around New Jersey Monday night.” Instantly, my attitude when from ‘meh’ to YEAH! (The photographer happened to be his wife Geri.)

Yesterday one of our Deacons texted me this photo.

Evidently, they’re being ‘chalked’ all over town in Boonton. Both images are biblical; the rainbow is more obvious than what I see which is ‘stained glass’ on a sidewalk. As we seek to try to find this ‘new normal’ what can you do to spread the gospel of HOPE between now and Resurrection Sunday? The world is yearning to trust in the message of HOPE. I HOPE we are one of the first places people will turn to, to find the HOPE the world desperately needs.

With you in this,

Rev Jen