Weekly Words of Wisdom 9-30-20

Dear Saints,

As our separation continues and our need for both peace and connection grows, I thought this Psalm (see Psalm 26 Nan Merrill) might be of help. This particular version is from “Psalms for Praying” by Nan Merrill. A number of lines speak to me in this psalm every time I read/pray it but now more than ever before, the verse “I love the company of faith-filled people, count myself among those who make your Word their own” is of great value. I do love the company of all of you and enjoy being with you as we seek to make God’s word the first and the last in daily lives.

I got a bit of a rise out of the notes in my study bible about Ps 26. “Such a prayer may be that of one who has come before God seeking vindication in the face of false accusations… or one who seeks entrance into the sanctuary…”

While we await stage 2 re-entry plans to be fleshed and approved which I hope will be accomplished by the end of October, I really do also pray that more of you will join the company of faith-filled people on the Wisdom Wednesday Zoom call.

The conversations are rich and varied based on the weekly content and attendees. While I get that, for some of you, your job creates Zoom fatigue, this is a gathering that doesn’t drain further but fills back up, the well that gets depleted during the day.

I genuinely pray that you will take time to read and pray with this Psalm in whatever version serves you best, and that just once, you will take an hour and join the company of the faith-filled (and faith-seeking) people in order to gain wisdom for the journey ahead.

Seeking community with you,

Rev Jen