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A Time of Change and Growth

Dear Saints, Happy Easter! I hope and pray that whether you were with us, or traveling, that you had a joy-filled Easter day and Lent as well. As I look back on this Lent, it has been filled with new leadership, new events, new talents and experiences. I truly hope that you had at least one meaningful experience throughout […]

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God’s Desire

Dear Saints, A few years ago, I had a busy day of pastoral care visits and it happened to be Ash Wednesday. I had calls at one of the hospitals, as well as one of the local rehab. centers. I don’t always wear my collar, but I remember wearing it that day and here’s why. As […]

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Rev Jen Celebrates 10 Years as Pastor

Our congregation, celebrates Reverend Jen Van Zandt on the 10th anniversary of her pastorate. Reverend Sherm Skinner gave the following blessing to mark the occasion. We give You thanks, gracious God, that You have blessed this congregation, with the ministry and friendship of Re. Jen over these last 10 years. She has lived out, in […]

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One Thing at a Time

As I prepare to go about my work today, may my intention to live in our present moment be the pattern for this day and my life. With your help, may I forever do only one thing at a time-always in communication with you, my Beloved, with all my heart and mind and soul. Modern […]

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A Peaceful Easy Feelin’

Dear Saints, I can’t believe we are celebrating 10 years of mission and ministry together this month! I have been pondering for a while what to write in this “10th Anniversary Edition” of the SPIRE. My nature is to attempt to cover the waterfront and try to mention and remark on all the amazing things […]

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Dear Saints, Many of you know we had the pleasure of having the Rev. Brenna Nickel back with us for Christmas this year. As a child of the this church, it was a treat to have Brenna back here with us and she led us through a meaningful and unique worship service on Christmas Day. […]

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This day and this night, May I know, O God The deep peace Of the running wave The deep peace Of the flowing air The deep peace Of the quiet earth The deep peace Of the shining stars The deep peace Of the Son of Peace. — J. Philip Newell

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